Dave dave at g8kbv.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 31 09:51:33 UTC 2010

On 30 Dec 2010 at 18:17, wayne mitchell wrote:

> hey
> i have a freeBSD 8.1 RELEASE system working off-line
> and a windows b'band connection
> my b'band connection has downloads limits
> i would like to get a hold of all 'relevant' distilfes - the current
> size of the complete distfiles tree is 140GB i have cottoned onto the
> idea of having somebody copy the entire tree onto HDD and posting it
> over if there is a department that is able to do this or you have any
> other ideas for a solution do let me know
> happy to pay a few bucks - though i am not pro - just for hobbies
> thanks


You can also order CD's and DVD's for not much $'s.  Much less chance of 
them getting bust in the post.   Also, (though expensive) 100G+ USB 
memory sticks are available, and would cost much less to post than even 
CD/DVD's I suspect.

What's the limit on your web connection, and over what sort of period, 
and/or, is there a time of day throttling/limiting?   You could always 
schedule downloads to happen duing the "quiet time".

Lastly, if another ISP service is available in your area, consider a 
change of ISP to one who doenst apply such restrictive limits.  But talk 
to them first and get an agreement in writing before committing, if that 
is viable of course.

I've done two F'BSD V8.x installs over FTP in the not too distant past.  
That only downloads what is needed to get things up and running, and can 
get more stuff as needed, when it's needed.  OK, not as painless as 
having it all on a DVD locally, but it does work.  You do need to 
download the bootable Network install CD first though.  Is that how you 

Best Regards.

Dave B.  (In the UK)

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