freeBSDFoundation donate problem

Paul Macdonald paul at
Thu Dec 30 23:27:35 UTC 2010

I've just tried again to donate to the foundation for the end of year push, but 3 UK based cards all failed on the groundspring interface  ( 2 x visa, 1 x mastercard, all had funds obv)

Paypal also failed stating i couldn't use this card for the transaction (which is usable for other purchases fine)

Has anyone else had a problem ( or succeeded) in donakting via the UK, maybe there's a wider problem here..

Am posting as maybe someone knows someone who can take a look ( dru lavigne i think is related to the foundation)

Also groundsprings support message lists a bouncing support address, major grrrr...

<gspring_support at>: host[] said:

     550 No such user - psmtp (in reply to RCPT TO command)


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