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> On Thu, 30 Dec 2010 10:59:49 +0000
> "Thomas Mueller" <mueller6727 at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> > Threads about portmaster and portupgrade status raise the question,
> > what flags for portmaster are comparable to -R and -r for
> > portupgrade?
> > 
> > I might want to portupgrade a package and all its dependencies (-R),
> > or less frequently, all packages that depend on the package to be
> > portupgraded (-r).  How would I do that using portmaster?  I read
> > both man pages many times.
> > 
> > Tom
> > 
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> Hi Tom,
> I never gave it much thought, however, I am under the impression that
> portmaster does not require an explicit flag to do that.
> When installing some port, then I use portmaster -D /usr/port/<some
> port path>, the -D determining that I do not want to be prompted
> whether to retain the old distfiles or not, but to retain them (-d
> being the converse and deleting old distfiles). Using portmaster in
> the way described checks for dependencies and automagically updates
> them in case there are newer available.
> Cheers, 

Sorry for missing one part (the -r) of your question ... how does "[-R]
-r name/glob of port directory in /var/db/pkg rebuild the specified
port, and all ports that depend on it" in the portmaster man page sound
to you and does it do what you a requiring? 

Christopher J. Ruwe
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