Firefox 3.6 crashes after GTK upgrade

Keith Seyffarth weif at
Mon Dec 27 16:41:03 UTC 2010

On Saturday December 19, I updated GTK following the instructions in
/usr/ports/UPDATING and since then any click that should draw a menu
instead crashes Firefox. This includes the main menus (file, edit, view,
etc), right clicking, or menus in various extensions. I have also found
that some javascript will also crash the browser.

Here is the contents of the /usr/ports/www/firefox directory:
  4 -rw-r--r--     1 root  wheel   3812 Dec 13 12:09 Makefile
 10 -rw-r--r--     1 root  wheel   8676 Jan  9  2009 Makefile.webplugins
  2 -rw-r--r--     1 root  wheel    154 Dec 13 12:09 distinfo
  2 drwxr-xr-x     2 root  wheel   2048 Dec 13 12:09 files
  2 -rw-r--r--     1 root  wheel    329 Feb 24  2010 pkg-descr
  2 -rw-r--r--     1 root  wheel   1535 Feb 24  2010 pkg-message

So far I have tried the following:

* Remove the .mozilla directory and start firefox without extensions,
  plugins, or customizations
* Force reinstall of Firefox (portupgrade -F)
* Remove and reinstall Firefox
* Force reinstall of the mouse input driver
* Remove and reinstall xorg and components
* Remove and reinstall Fluxbox window manager

I'm not sure what else to try. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I did receive one suggestion to gdbm the .core file, but can't find any
information on how I would apply a database manager to a file like that,
or what I would expect to find from that.

Keith S.

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