AMD Athlon64 Mainboard - NOT SPAM: please check it out :)

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Thu Dec 23 08:27:25 UTC 2010

I know its a little OT, but I'm hunting for a mainboard to plug this CPU 
into and build a file server. So the ideal specs are (and maybe dreaming 
too :) ):

184 pin RAM DIMM
SataIII 4+ ports
Either onboard or AGP Video
2x Gigabit LAN

Obviously I don't need much RAM, just juice the throughput from the HDD 
to the LAN, and plenty of bandwidth. That said a lot of my specs could 
be pipe dreaming, I know. I'm looking at 3x 2Tb Seagate 64Mb SATAIII's 
so I'd rather not waste it, I'm sure you'd agree.

I'll be setting up RAID5 in some fashion or other, just still choosing 
my method between ZFS and VINUM or something. So the need for as many 
SATA ports is a must :)

Any help finding a suitable model would be much appreciated- very hard 
to find anything still in stock. And of course advice will be very 
welcome :)


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