PostgreSQL + 8.1 RELEASE + DTrace = pain?

Dave Pooser dave-freebsd at
Wed Dec 15 05:01:23 UTC 2010

On 12/6/10 11:29 PM, "Dave Pooser" <dave-freebsd at> wrote:

> I used pkg_delete to
> remove the postgresql packages (server and client), recompiled the kernel to
> include DTrace and eliminate some unused drivers, updated loader.conf to
> bring up dtraceall at boot, did a make clean and a make config to add
> DTrace, and built postgresql90-server again. It appeared to work fine, but
> now I'm getting segfaults when I try to launch it.

Is there a better place I could/should be asking questions about PostgreSQL
and DTrace on FreeBSD? Or is this combination still black magic at this
Dave Pooser
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