PostgreSQL + 8.1 RELEASE + DTrace = pain?

Dave Pooser dave-freebsd at
Tue Dec 7 06:01:29 UTC 2010

First off, I'll freely admit I'm a *BSD noob; I've been administering Mac
servers for a decade and OpenSolaris and Linux for 3-4 years but this is my
first ever attempt to set up a FreeBSD system. The goal is to replace a
Linux box that is currently a PostgreSQL database server; I need LDAP
authentication and I want DTrace. (I also want GSSAPI, but that's another
discussion entirely).

(Why FreeBSD? DTrace and ZFS without the Oracle Solaris pricetag. Plus it's
a *NIX I haven't used yet.)

So I used csup to update to the latest ports, built postgresql90-server from
ports with LDAP and no DTrace, and it worked fine. Then I used pkg_delete to
remove the postgresql packages (server and client), recompiled the kernel to
include DTrace and eliminate some unused drivers, updated loader.conf to
bring up dtraceall at boot, did a make clean and a make config to add
DTrace, and built postgresql90-server again. It appeared to work fine, but
now I'm getting segfaults when I try to launch it.

Am I doing something obviously stupid here? Is there a good source for
troubleshooting steps? What other information should I be posting to help
y'all help me figure this out?
Dave Pooser
"...Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving
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