Kind of off topic.

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at
Tue Dec 14 18:18:07 UTC 2010

Exactly... some of the things I need to help them is an old 
application they are using developed in house for them... but that 
does not record teh errors logs... that's why I need to "be seeing" 
the actual user interface while they are working trying to reproduce 
the errors they have....
On Mac they are setting up and old version of Timbuktu and that will 
do the job I guess....

Thanks all.

Jorge Biquez

At 12:13 p.m. 14/12/2010, Gary Gatten wrote:
>It sounds like you're wanting a remote desktop to actually see the 
>active users GUI session?  If it's simply to see the error messages, 
>I would recommend some sort of centralized logging.  There are 
>several tools that take Winblows events and turn them into syslog 
>events.  If you "need" remote desktop access, perhaps WebEx would 
>help - or as others pointed out an RDP client for *nix should work as well.
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>At 03:08 a.m. 14/12/2010, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
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> > > Hello all.
> > >
> > > A friend is asking me to help him to solve some problem he has in his
> > > servers. To some I would be able to connect using ssh, with other just
> > > it i snot possible. I remember that on the windows world there was a
> > > commercial software PCANywhere. He can have it but I am not sure if I
> > > would be able to connect to that from my Freebsd machine (of course
> > > not by ssh).
> > >
> > > What are you using for connecting to graphical interfaces of different
> > > OS's from FreeBSD?
> > >
> > > I tested some years ago a VNC software but did not work fine with MAC
> > > OSX (recently released by then).
> > >
> > > I know big security factors are involved for sure.
> > > Any suggestion on what to use, not to expensive or free?
> >
> >If the remote hosts are running FreeBSD, you can do almost *everything*
> >through SSH.  For example most of my FreeBSD-related testing work
> >happens through SSH connections to virtual machines these days.
> >
> >If you really need to run a GUI application though there are a few
> >options:
> >
> >   - The most basic is to connect to the remote machine in *some* way,
> >     set the DISPLAY environment variable to point to a local X server
> >     that may accept incoming connections and fire up your GUI program.
> >
> >   - You can SSH into the remote machine and use the -X or -Y options to
> >     set up 'X forwarding' back to the machine where the SSH connection
> >     has originated from.
> >
> >   - You can use programs like the NX tools <>
> >     to set up a 'remotely accessible X desktop' on the target machine
> >     and then use nxclient to connect to it from anywhere.
> >
> >The fastest and simplest method is still a plain good old SSH connection
> >though.  It requires minimal setup (an sshd daemon on the remote side),
> >it is accessible from anywhere in the world, it's secure against random
> >eavesdroppers, it's fast to connect to, it's pretty light-weight on both
> >the client and server systems, and you can do _everything_ on the remote
> >host [even full system upgrades from source].
>Thanks all for your time....
>On Freebsd and Linux machines I have entered using SSH already....
>and I amtrying to help (my linux knowledge is not so good). :=(
>Thing is to access the GUI, same screen they have with errors, on
>their windows and Mac machines (XP and OSX mainly). I am trying to
>setup one of the VNC solutions around. Just reading befores about
>security involved in each one.
>Take care all and have a great day.
>Jorge Biquez
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