[fbsd_questions] mac and windoze formats

spellberg_robert emailrob at emailrob.com
Wed Dec 8 20:34:01 UTC 2010

howdy, folks ---

this may be a stupid question,
   but, i figure that it is better to ask than to assume.


i was looking at a retail site that is offering
   a dvd_archive of every issue of a particular magazine back to its beginning, many decades ago
   [ these have become popular, lately ].
usually, i put these things on my windoze_box, until it was no longer new enough.
then, i looked for linux [ aka, "elf" ] compatability, which also works.

well, it has finally happened.
something i want is only available for windoze and os_x.


now, freebsd handles all sorts of elf; but,
   mac is not elf, it is derived from mach [ a long_unused word from my youth ].

so, this question is about "emulation".
i found the section in the faq and in the handbook on elf, but,
   there is no mention of mac, osx, mach or anything else that is not elf, not even wine.
i found a recent _questions post that suggested that there is no current ability to run a mach-o binary.
because no one challenged this assertion, i take it as true.

   q:    where do things stand regarding
           the future ability to run either a windoze or mac binary
           [ as these are the general_public's notion of a "computer" ] ?

   q:    would the present situation be described as closer
           to " real_soon_now ! ",
           to " are you kidding ? " or
           to somewhere between these two endpoints ?

happy everything, to everybody, all of the time,
   even to those who don't celebrate anything, at any time.


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