Installer program for FreeBSD-9.0?

Thomas Mueller mueller6727 at
Wed Dec 8 11:12:36 UTC 2010

> It's easy enough to find error-free floppy disks if you don't mind
> paying for them: :)

> Bruce Cran

Are you sure they're error-free?  I think most users would prefer USB sticks.

> The argument is normally that even without a CD drive everyone has USB
> so should install using that instead of floppies.

Not true on a very old computer (especially USB)

On choice of text editor, I prefer vi, but that might be uncomfortable for users completely unfamiliar with vi: this includes many MS-Windows users as well as users coming from DOS.

NetBSD uses ed on installation ramdisk, which leaves me completely floored.  vi is heaven compared to ed.

IBM had a Tiny Editor, not open-source, dating to 1993, .EXE about 10000 bytes: this was for DOS and 16-bit OS/2 (OS/2 1.x was 16-bit, became 32-bit with v2.0).  This was used on OS/2 installation floppies.


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