printing from inside Linux firefox

Dan Strick mla_strick at
Tue Dec 7 04:53:12 UTC 2010

On Fri, 4 Dec 2010, Warren Block responded to my previous email:

> > On Fri, 3 Dec 2010, Dan Strick wrote:
> >
> > I tried /usr/ports/www/firefox which installs as firefox3, a native
> > FreeBSD Firefox program.  It will print via lpr, but It won't
> > do flash.
> Actually, it will.
> >  I tried the flashplugin-mozilla port, but it just causes a
> > segmentation violation when I visit a page with flash items.
> Yes, that's not the right plugin.  Deinstall it and follow the Handbook 
> Flash instructions:

The flashplugin-mozilla port does indeed seem to be the wrong port and
the nspluginwrapper port mentioned in the FreeBSD Handbook does indeed
work, but there were a couple of glitches:

1) The plugin was installed in $HOME/.mozilla/plugins where Linux firefox
   executables also find it and then choke on the FreeBSD ELF file.  I fixed
   the problem by moving the plugin to /usr/local/lib/firefox3/plugins.

   Using a single .directory for multiple browsers is probably a very
   bad idea if it contains stuff which is not the same for all versions
   of all browsers.  I am not sure what a better alternative should look like.
   One possibility would be to have directories in $HOME/.mozilla with
   names like plugins-version-name.

2) The nspluginwrapper produces these warning messages:

   *** NSPlugin Viewer  *** WARNING: unhandled variable 18 (<unknown variable>)
   in NPN_GetValue()
   *** NSPlugin Wrapper *** WARNING: unhandled variable 18 in NPP_GetValue()

   I can't solve this problem because the nspluginwrapper does not seem to
   come with any documentation.  Documentation would be noce since the
   nspluginwrapper claims to support other types of plugin but gives no hint
   about how to install them.

	Dan Strick

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