printer recommendations?

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Sat Dec 4 14:09:30 UTC 2010

On 12/04/10 14:23, John Levine wrote:
>>> Network is the way to go. USB *may* be okay. Parallel is not
>>> living anymore - allthough I'm still using it that way, but
>>> my home setting is a life support system for obsolete
>>> technology anyway. :-)
> My printer is a sturdy old Lexmark Optra T610.  CUPS has a driver,
> which does duplex, N-up, and so forth.  Each toner cartridge is good
> for over 10K pages, so I buy one about every two years, and I can
> usually find one for $100, making the per page cost very low.
> I bought a USB to parallel adapter cable for about $10 which works
> well, drives the printer fast without swamping the PC.
> R's,
> John
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Pardon me, but Oh God No! Anything but that!

As a tech from the industry (and I'll have to adjust my comments from 
before) I must say some manufacturers were never meant to build 
printers! IBM should have stuck to the computing and stayed the hell 
away from printers...

Lexmarks are very badly designed (but very slowly getting better 
ergonomically), expensive to run, and crap themselves with generic 
toner. They are unreliable, and I've seen big corporations jump up and 
down about it not running, and then if they're not in an IBM contract 
they will go out and buy two small kyocera 1010/1020 (whatever they're 
up to now) to do the same job better and with more features for a lower 
cost- and give them redundancy to boot.

Bottom line is that unless they've entered a contract with IBM there are 
many _far_ better printers out there cheaper and heaps more reliable.

And a 610 was one of their first- so not only was is crap to start, its 
worse now, and EOL by about 5 years so no parts.

For comparison the closest Kyocera (the most reliable cheap printer I've 
experienced- and I've been repairing printers for over 10 years now, and 
Xerox biased) say 10xx is half the footprint, at least triple the output 
per month, double capacity toner, and half again in speed. New they're 
about 1/6 price, and I've only serviced them a third as much. Lexmark 
parts are double and more the price, and last half as long. I'd visit 
them around once a fortnight (and thats being nice) for service, more 
frequently under heavy load. The newer ones can be worse- they look like 
kyoceras but are very touchy and a pain to fix.

So, to adjust my earlier statements: just about any printer will work, 
just don't expect photo quality- just stay very well clear of a Lexmark! 
I agree ink would not be a good way to go, toner is more efficient and 
cost friendly, but either way cheap upfront and low cost maintenance is 
still a very tall order. As others have mentioned, a good ex-office HP 
is probably a good investment. Very durable and parts plentiful- and 
probably the only way to achieve the cheap tall order :)


BTW if you have a HP laser check Canon for toner compatibility- cheaper 
and essentially the same.

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