printer recommendations?

Warren Block wblock at
Sat Dec 4 02:26:49 UTC 2010

On Fri, 3 Dec 2010, Polytropon wrote:

> I'm using a HP Laserjet 4000 duplex for more than 5 years now
> at home, I'm happy with it, allthough it's a _huge_ printer
> with all the accessories, but I don't care for that.

It's only huge in comparison to smaller, lesser printers.  A LaserJet 
8000 makes a 4000 look small.

> Used office-class equipment, I can't emphasize it enough. The
> HP Laserjet printers have a good "eco-mode standby behaviour",
> so even energy costs are low, compared to the usual home consumer
> ink-pee stuff where a seperate power supply consumes energy
> even when the printer is "off" (haha).

Office-class printers also have power switches, so they can be turned 
off for zero power consumption.  Some home printers don't have a power 
switch at all.

>> - Any interface is OK. Parallel, USB, networked.
> Network is the way to go. USB *may* be okay. Parallel is not
> living anymore - allthough I'm still using it that way, but
> my home setting is a life support system for obsolete
> technology anyway. :-)

The last time I used parallel on FreeBSD, it was slow...well, slower 
than expected.  Haven't really tested USB printers for speed.  Ethernet 
is superior in many ways.

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