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Fri Dec 3 18:13:42 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2 Dec 2010 20:38:05 -0800, Charlie Kester <corky1951 at> wrote:
> My old HP Laserjet 4+ is broken and I'm thinking about buying a new
> printer. 

In case you have been happy with your 4+, consider getting
a used HP office-class laser printer. I can recommend the
HP LaserJet 4000 (maybe including a duplexer, very handy).
Interfaces are parallel and network - use network if possible.

> I'd appreciate hearing recommendations from the list.

Office-class equipment. Really. Don't mess with home consumer
crap - it will turn out to be more expensive than you might
think at the beginning. Used office-class hardware is okay.
If possible, test it before buying.

> My requirements:
> - Compatible with FreeBSD (obviously)

Make sure it conforms to existing standards. Postscript is
good, PCL is good. Both are well supported, and PS makes your
life even easier.

> - Laserjet preferred.  Black & White only.  I don't need to print photos
>    or business brochures.

I'm using a HP Laserjet 4000 duplex for more than 5 years now
at home, I'm happy with it, allthough it's a _huge_ printer
with all the accessories, but I don't care for that.

On a secondary system, I have a HP Laserjet 4 (the "normal 4"),
which I own for more than 15 years now and did HEAVILY use it.
I got it as a used printer, so I can't tell you what the pre-owner
did with it. This printer is still FULLY FUNCTIONAL. This should
give you an impression of HOW GOOD "old hardware" is - if you
have the right one.

> - Very light home usage.  (Tax forms and the occasional printout of a
>    software manual for offline study.)

Also a plus for a laser printer. Unlike regular home-crap ink,
toner doesn't get solid. One toner cartridge should serve you
many years.

> - Low upfront and maintenance costs. Printers are like the old Gillette
>    razors: the money's in the blades (toner or ink cartridges), not the
>    device.  

Used office-class equipment, I can't emphasize it enough. The
HP Laserjet printers have a good "eco-mode standby behaviour",
so even energy costs are low, compared to the usual home consumer
ink-pee stuff where a seperate power supply consumes energy
even when the printer is "off" (haha).

> - Any interface is OK. Parallel, USB, networked.    

Network is the way to go. USB *may* be okay. Parallel is not
living anymore - allthough I'm still using it that way, but
my home setting is a life support system for obsolete
technology anyway. :-)

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