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> Hi,
> I have:
> $ uname -r
> installed.
> I understand the concept of software dev, and RELEASE (a snapshot in
> time), and CURRENT as a dev branch, and STABLE as a dev branch
> followed CURRENT. But I have difficulty placing them in a dev and
> respository tree.
> For example, in my case, can I describe it as below
> 8.1-RELEASE -> 8.2-CURRENT -> 8.2-STABLE -> 8.2-RCn -> 8.2-RELEASE
> and the cycle repeats ?

Broadly n-STABLE branch-off from CURRENT and  release security
branches branch-off from a STABLE  branch. Release candidates are
usually points on a Stable Branch, and releases are points on the
security branch. Occasionally it has been bit more complicated. 

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