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On 18.08.2010 18:20, "C. Bergström" wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
>> The problem behind the subject is a little bit frustrating, so I do
>> not know were to start.
> Yeah it's a pretty big problem, but I can say others are looking at it
> and taking small steps in the right direction.
>> First, and this hasn't changed since the last 15 years, FreeBSD lack
>> in support of professional Compiler vendors. Pprtland Group offers
>> only Linux compilers, as far as I know Intel does not offer a native
>> FreeBSD 64 Bit compiler. So we are stuck with gcc and gfortran


If we see beyond the CUDA part of this question, it should be noted that
ATI/AMD has kept to their promise of actually supporting opensource.

(see also

I must admit not having tested that code myself (my two 5970s sit in a
windows box), but projects should maybe consider the ATI/AMD cards.
928GFLOPS double-precision per card (4.64TFLOPS single precision) with
proper documentation should at least give a proper start to things...


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