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Fri Aug 20 10:17:44 UTC 2010

Sorry for the dalay:

On Thu, 19 Aug 2010 04:26:16 +0700
"C. Bergström" <cbergstrom at> wrote:

> No, PathScale has a full NVIDIA replacement.  From front-end
> programming model to kernel driver.  (I'm happy to give more
> information, but don't want to spam the list)


> > FreeBSD has better OpenMP capabilities by its network connections, 
> > i'll like to use it in the next HPC era.
> MPI is typically dependent on the network not OpenMP.  OpenMP 3.0 can
> be made more scalable if there's tasks built-into the kernel that can
> be cleanly exposed to userland.  (Like OpenSolaris + libtask from
> Moinak is a good example)

Oppss, i missed an 'I', i want to say OpenMPI, which is already in

> Anyway... imho FreeBSD has a number of issues before it can be
> suitable for HPC..
> 1) Better vendor support for 3rd party and open source tools
> (Allinea, Totalview, undodb.. compilers, optimized math libs,
> profilers etc)

With the 3rd party vendor closed source tools little can be done if
they are not convinced about the freebsd market capabilities. With the
open source ones, some of them are already ported to freebsd or don't
need a port to work, but you are right, in this "league" we go behind.

> 2) HPC ready compiler.. (Sorry guys, but LLVM is just
> not production ready for this task and is missing Fortran)

For the HPC compiler, gcc is still the main compiler and OpenMP
(without the I ;)) is supported since version 4.2 if i remember
correctly but i haven't tried it under FreeBSD only in Linux. Open-MPI
is in ports too. 

> 3) IB network drivers

Don't know the status of Infiniband drivers, are there drivers?
> 4) Hardware vendor to deliver a complete solution + support
> (iXsystems?)

Yes, but the freebsd community must develop it before a it can be
delivered. There's a HPC mailing list, completly abandoned, only spam.
There isn't a directory on ports with hpc programs neither.

I'll ask these administrative questions on other mail thread on this

> ./C


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