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On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 05:24:39PM -0500, Depo Catcher wrote:
> Money wise for Motherboard, memory and CPU the Atom or 775 (Core 2 Duo) 
> will probably be cheapest.
> Then i3 and most expensive is i5.  AMD also have options that would 
> probably be cheaper, but I'm not familiar with their product line.
> I would set your budget of $X and then compare the best system in each 
> class you can get for that price.
> Power wise; if it's idle, the Atom and i3/i5 should be about the same.  
> With 775 (core 2 duo) probably drawing the most.  In fact, in some cases 
> the i3/i5 might draw less power at idle:
> http://www.servethehome.com/intel-core-i5-650-v-atom-n330-nvida-ion-review/

	thanks for the url; i'll check it out when i'm using a GUI MUA.

	it looks like i wanted too much out of my next laptop.  looks like
	i'll need to wait a few more years to get what i really want:
	1st) as a small-footprint computer to use for the speech impaired,
	and 2nd) to let me hide [wherever] and stream NOVA or *whatever*
	far from the noise and distraction.

	i have had the first goal in mind for five years or so.  my hearing
	is fine but my speech is impaired, so with kmouth, ksayit or ktts* and 
	vi, then using the festival suite, i can type what i want to say
	and have the computer speak my words clearly.  ---yes, it takes
	some messing-with to have the voices sound good.

	in recent months i ran my ideas past a second speech pathologist. she 
	trotted out an off-the-shelf Windows device that has pre-programmed
	sentences -or- use the touch-screen keyboard to spell out whatever. 
	touching a last square lets the computer speak. 

	the cost of this dos/win device is $9,000 to $12,000.  the box is
	heavy, the screen is brightly lit.  my bias was against the touch 
	touch screen.  there was a beep you could turn on if you needed to,
	and giving my crummy typing, i did.

	the feedback for my free idea was that most people are not computer
	savvy and would need support.  so i gave up on going the medical
	route and got in touch with the laptop for children.  i learned
	that the number of people that my hodge-podge could help is well
	into the millions.  that's the only reason i'm still at it.  my 
	thinking is that people who can type even with one finger can make
	use of the festival+kde software.  either exactly as-is or with
	some trivial script(s).

> The other thing to concern is when it's under load, the Atom will be the 
> clear winner here.  The i3/i5/c2d can and will draw a good amount under 
> load.  Atom doesn't go up much under heavy load, the other systems can 
> skyrocket in power usage when hit hard.

	sounds like the atom processor is the way to go.  --at least when
	i'm out i would prefer to not have to hunt for a wall socket:)

> The other thing you have to concern is how many devices you'll have 
> hooked up to this.  If you need an external video card it's going to be 
> drawing more power... as with external NICs, sata, sound, etc
> In general I would suggest picking up a board that has most of what you 
> need and nothing of what you don't.  For example, I don't use sound on 
> my home server, so I always buy a board without integrated sound.
> Also the Atom, i3 and i5 all have integrated video in their CPUs.  That 
> might save some power if you find one that supports that (and not an 
> embedded integrated video)

	i never thought about hooking anything to the kind of computer i'm
	thinking of.  this is where "less is more."   they had one of these
	10" notebooks at costco last spring but it was locked down by cable
	and i had to get up from my wheelchair to check it out.  the keys
	had a nice feel--maybe 2 to 4mm before the key hit bottom.  the
	sound was off so i couldn't get an idea if the speakers would be
	loud enough to be heard if i went shopping and had a question for

	volume was =not= an issue for the windows speech device!  i think
	that could have been upped to hear from 50 meters.  --i may have to
	just shut up and pony up the $Whatever before going much further.

	meanwhile, thanks again for your insights and url's.  before school
	starts and  the day swings back into starting during the middle of
	the night.  ---can you spell GAAAAAK---, in other words, while i still 
	have time and energy, maybe the best plan is just Do-It.

> Performance wise, i3/i5 is winner then 775 and last atom.
> This thread has some links to some reviews: 
> http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1538918

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