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Depo Catcher depocatcher at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 22:24:35 UTC 2010

>> There are Atom-based systems available with Nvidia graphics.  Gary might
>> want to consider one of those, although it probably won't be as dirt
>> cheap or as low-wattage as a Pineview system.  (I have no experience
>> with them myself.)
> 	jeez, and to think i was a =hardware= major.  hm.  is there a
> 	website than can explain the pros/cons?
> 	a friend is helping me move from 5 tower cases to two.  money is
> 	always a concern, but saving watts is more important.
> 	gary

Money wise for Motherboard, memory and CPU the Atom or 775 (Core 2 Duo) 
will probably be cheapest.
Then i3 and most expensive is i5.  AMD also have options that would 
probably be cheaper, but I'm not familiar with their product line.
I would set your budget of $X and then compare the best system in each 
class you can get for that price.

Power wise; if it's idle, the Atom and i3/i5 should be about the same.  
With 775 (core 2 duo) probably drawing the most.  In fact, in some cases 
the i3/i5 might draw less power at idle:

The other thing to concern is when it's under load, the Atom will be the 
clear winner here.  The i3/i5/c2d can and will draw a good amount under 
load.  Atom doesn't go up much under heavy load, the other systems can 
skyrocket in power usage when hit hard.

The other thing you have to concern is how many devices you'll have 
hooked up to this.  If you need an external video card it's going to be 
drawing more power... as with external NICs, sata, sound, etc
In general I would suggest picking up a board that has most of what you 
need and nothing of what you don't.  For example, I don't use sound on 
my home server, so I always buy a board without integrated sound.
Also the Atom, i3 and i5 all have integrated video in their CPUs.  That 
might save some power if you find one that supports that (and not an 
embedded integrated video)

Performance wise, i3/i5 is winner then 775 and last atom.

This thread has some links to some reviews: 

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