UPS question

David Brodbeck gull at
Wed Aug 11 20:06:47 UTC 2010

On Wed, August 11, 2010 12:25 pm, Ryan Coleman wrote:
> He thinks that at 500W needed it would give me about 12 minutes on a
> 1400VA. My consideration is, then, give the server 2 minutes on battery.
> If full power has not been returned, shut down the server but leave the
> modem (w/ wireless) and switch running with power for up to 6 hours.

A bit of advice: If this is an unattended system, give some thought to how
you will boot the server back up if the outage is longer than two minutes
but shorter than six hours.  Most UPS installations have *some* kind of
race condition issue if power comes back after the servers have begun a
shutdown, but in your case it's an unusually long window.

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