UPS question

Ryan Coleman ryan.coleman at
Wed Aug 11 15:52:21 UTC 2010

I know that APC's website states this load on this unit results in this runtime.

However I do not trust these figures, typically, when coming from smaller manufacturers than APC.

I am looking at a 1400VA / 980W UPS to run a single server with a usually not on monitor, a DSL modem and a simple switch. The server should generate about 330W in power consumption, the monitor another 50-100, the modem about 10 and the switch about another 10 watts.

UPS: 1400VA

Server: 400W (liberal estimate)
Modem: 10W
Switch: 10W
Monitor: 75W

Total: 495W

According to a calculator if I enter all that information:
It says that it will use 693VA.

Enter that into
It requires Amps... 495W  / 120 voltage = 4.125 amps... doesn't seem right but...
192 hours... that's not right, right?


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