gmirror of zfs mirror

Dick Hoogendijk dick at
Tue Aug 10 08:50:56 UTC 2010

  I'm convinced that ZFS mirroring is far better than gmirroring, but 
the latter uses much less memory (I think).
My server has 3Gb and is solely used as server (web, files/nfs/samba, 
dns, mail).
The data is serves does not change much, so I would think the data 
integrity checks of ZFS although useful do not serve a very high 
purpose. If a disk goes bad it can be replaced using gmirror and/or ZFS.

Why would it be the preferred way to use ZFS over gmirror?
I know ZFS (I come from opensolaris). I'm not that familiar with 
gmirror. Hence the doubts..;-)

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