Anti virus, anti spam step guide.

Marwan Sultan dead_line at
Sun Aug 8 06:54:30 UTC 2010

For WebMail that has everything you want:
For pop3 :
For Spam:
Default sendmail is good.
all the above is available from ports, I would recommend a manual install for openwebmail instead of ports
so you can follow and know how things work.
You can install spamassassin from ports, and follow the instructions.
-Marwan Sultan

> Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 09:19:19 -0500
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> From: jbiquez at
> Subject: Anti virus, anti spam step guide.
> Hello all.
> I am looking documentation for implementing, the easiest way anti 
> virus and anti spam configuration for non tech users and out of the 
> box after installing FreeBSD (actually using 7.3 Release).
> I have been working with it for some years but I am not an expert at 
> all. I need to help some non-profit organizations that received some 
> 2 year old computers as donation and they will use it for email 
> services. They have not tech people, so the idea is that I can help 
> them to implement that solution the easiest way so maybe one of the 
> teacher there can try to replicate the solution.
> UNtil now I always have used Sendmail as it is installed, no filters 
> besided the spamcop ones but that was enough for my personal use.
> I know some of you will tell that change to postfix or another MTA 
> and that instead using POP3 that I have to use another tool (courier, 
> fetchail, imap (any) etc etc). I ca do it for sur and I do not want 
> to star a war , again, under what MTA is the best. I just would like 
> to have the best and easiest solution for them. Once installed they 
> only will be creating new accounts, changing paswords, deleting 
> accounts. Nothing else. Ah, another thing if possible is to implement 
> a webmail but that will be an extra gem if possible.
> Any resources? Any suggestions based in experience? (I have one 
> machine of them that I will use for testing the solution).
> Thanks in advance
> Jorge Biquez
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