Chris Telting christopher-ml at telting.org
Sat Aug 7 22:14:28 UTC 2010

On 08/05/10 01:10, David DEMELIER wrote:
> I think using "xterm" as term definition is just stupid. If you're not
> running X why will you use a term that live in X normally? By the way
> it also sucks if you make some $TERM settings considering your shell.
The point of these options (TEKEN_UTF8 and TEKEN_XTERM) is to enable an 
internally Unicode based terminal and from there have characters mapped 
according to font files.  With standard hardware you can have 256 or 512 
text mode characters.

Unless you have a real terminal on a serial port the term at your 
console is emulated with your video card and keyboard.  xterm I believe 
is a more advanced terminal definition with a large number of additional 
capabilities over a simple vt100 terminal.  So we can try to use what 
exists now "xterm" or we can create yet another terminal definition.

Once the above works the next step would be to extend the terminal 
driver to use graphics modes and with modern accelerated cards it should 
be trivial to achieve the same speed we are use to with text mode.  Some 
people were playing around with this years ago but so far I haven't 
found anything new.

And while English is my native language I welcome the evolution of new 
international capabilities.  What can I say, I'm a fan of text mode.


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