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Thu Aug 5 08:40:47 UTC 2010

2010/8/3 Anonymous <swell.k at gmail.com>:
> Chris Telting <christopher-ml at telting.org> writes:
>> Just wondering if anyone else has played with this?
>> I compiled it into the kernel but the terms are still cons25.
> I think you need to change `cons25' to `xterm' in /etc/ttys, too.
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I think using "xterm" as term definition is just stupid. If you're not
running X why will you use a term that live in X normally? By the way
it also sucks if you make some $TERM settings considering your shell.

For example a lot of people like to do this in their shell :

case $TERM in
       *xvt*|*erm*|screen) print -nP "\e]0;$termtitle\a" ;;

That code will print the terminal title to the window so you will get
it written just before the prompt.

An other example is ncmpc or applications that does the same thing,
they set a title to the terminal window, ncmpc has a feature to print
the current song played as terminal title so how the tty will handle
this? By printing it anywhere.

With kind regards.

(Sorry forgot the cc)

Demelier David

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