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Frank Shute frank at shute.org.uk
Thu Aug 5 19:24:26 UTC 2010

Sorry to stray off-topic so much but I want to give a warning to all
those thinking about making a will.

What happens if you lose your marbles?

My uncle had vascular dementia yet he managed to persuade his
solicitor (lawyer) that there was nothing wrong with him despite his
doctor and psychiatrist knowing of his condition.

Result: I lost several hundred thousand pounds.

My father was a chronic alcoholic with Korsakoff's. He managed to
persuade a solicitor (whom he'd never met before) that it was a good
idea to write a will disinheriting his children and grandchildren.

Result: I lost half a million pounds as did my sister.

I now have to take legal action against my father's solicitors and the
outcome is uncertain.

Quite apart from the financial costs there are the emotional costs
too. I've been unable to work for 5 years due to depression.

How to avoid outcomes like this?

I don't know. The law needs changing in this country so that the
testator needs to be seen by a doctor before making a will if they're
older than 65; it's only a recommendation in this country. 

After all, 1/3rd of us will get dementia before we die and vultures
are a lot more common then you suppose.




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