periodic issue, email

Jason jhelfman at
Thu Aug 5 16:21:07 UTC 2010

On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 09:10:53AM -0700, Jason thus spake:
>I am trying to get periodic to not send mail to root, and only log, but have
>been unsuccessful thus far.
>I have not changed /etc/defaults/periodic.conf, but have added my variables
>to /etc/periodic.conf as per the man page.
>To log periodic output instead of receiving it as email, add the
>following lines to /etc/periodic.conf:
>            daily_output=/var/log/daily.log
>            weekly_output=/var/log/weekly.log
>            monthly_output=/var/log/monthly.log
>Here are the contents of my /etc/periodic.conf file (0644, root, wheel):
>When this didn't work and sent root email, as well, I started working with
>the MAILTO value in /etc/crontab.
>I had MAILTO in /etc/crontab set to root, my own email address and an empty
>value in trying to diagnose but all seem to yield no different result.
>They log to the log files noted above, but still send email to root. I am
>running ssmtp on my machine, which doesn't use the concept of 'aliases'.
>The other reason I am trying to get this to only log is I would like to have
>this work for all of our servers, and monitor the logs, as opposed to get
>tons of email.

My apologies on formatting... Not sure what happened.

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