periodic issue, email

Jason jhelfman at
Thu Aug 5 16:13:18 UTC 2010

I am trying to get periodic to not send mail to root, and only log, but have
been unsuccessful thus far.
I have not changed /etc/defaults/periodic.conf, but have added my variables
to /etc/periodic.conf as per the man page.
To log periodic output instead of receiving it as email, add the
following lines to /etc/periodic.conf:
Here are the contents of my /etc/periodic.conf file (0644, root, wheel):
When this didn't work and sent root email, as well, I started working with
the MAILTO value in /etc/crontab.
I had MAILTO in /etc/crontab set to root, my own email address and an empty
value in trying to diagnose but all seem to yield no different result.
They log to the log files noted above, but still send email to root. I am
running ssmtp on my machine, which doesn't use the concept of 'aliases'.
The other reason I am trying to get this to only log is I would like to have
this work for all of our servers, and monitor the logs, as opposed to get
tons of email.          

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