make installworld fails

Caleb Stein caleb.stein at
Mon Aug 2 15:25:00 UTC 2010

On Aug 2, 2010, at 7:34 AM, Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-questions-local at 
 > wrote:

> Caleb Stein <caleb.stein at> writes:
>> I am trying to update my FreeBSD 8.0 to FreeBSD 8.1.  Here is the
>> order I ran the commands in (all as root):
>> cd /usr/src
>> make buildworld
>> make buildkernel
>> shutdown now
>> make installkernel
>> shutdown -r now
>> adjkerntz -i
>> mount -a -t ufs
>> mergemaster -p
>> cd /usr/src
>> make installworld
>> mergemaster
>> reboot
>> But I didn't get to run the last two.  When I run make  
>> installworld, I
>> get errors telling me that the filesystem is full.  Now, I can assure
>> you it  is not.  Well, basically, what I am asking is why is the
>> filesystem full  after installing the new kernel?
> The number of kernel modules has been increasing quite quickly, and
> modules are installed with the kernel (by default).  This has led to
> installkernel filling up the root filesystem increasingly often.  It
> just happened to me yesterday, although in that case snapshots and  
> four
> or five old kernels were part of the problem.
> Are you *sure* that the filesystem isn't full?
> Can you show df(1) output?
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I was wrong, the filesystem was full.  I did delete the old kernel  
modules though, and that fixed the issue.

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