Netwroked Storage

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> Grant Peel wrote:
>> The intent here is to connect about 10 Web servers, each of them hosting 
>> about 200 domains, to a central storage system to house users home 
>> directories.
>> It might be worth noting that the Web machines host a full array of 
>> software, i.e. Mail, Web, MySQL, PHP etc.
> I don't have an answer, bu I have a question, probably a naive one and
> even slightly OT..
> If the 200 domains are hosting MySQL driven web applications (let's say
> 200 Wordpress), then perhaps they are connecting to the very same MySQL
> instance, so ALL their databases are in the same mysql_dbdir, and
> perhaps the dbdir is /var/db/mysql...
> So: how do you deal things like that with MySQL driven web applications?
> How are you going to deal the mysql_dbdir issue? NFS perhaps is not the
> best filesystem for MySQL tables (performance-wise)...
> Are you going to 'mysqldump' the databases back in each home dir?
> Periodically? And keep the databases on the local disks?
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All machines are completely autonomous. i.e they each run thier own 
applications and store all data to thier own disks.


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