Netwroked Storage

Mauro Rezzonico list at
Wed Sep 30 01:46:37 UTC 2009

Grant Peel wrote:
> The intent here is to connect about 10 Web servers, each of them hosting about 200 domains, to a central storage system to house users home directories.
> It might be worth noting that the Web machines host a full array of software, i.e. Mail, Web, MySQL, PHP etc.

I don't have an answer, bu I have a question, probably a naive one and
even slightly OT..

If the 200 domains are hosting MySQL driven web applications (let's say
200 Wordpress), then perhaps they are connecting to the very same MySQL
instance, so ALL their databases are in the same mysql_dbdir, and
perhaps the dbdir is /var/db/mysql...
So: how do you deal things like that with MySQL driven web applications?
How are you going to deal the mysql_dbdir issue? NFS perhaps is not the
best filesystem for MySQL tables (performance-wise)...
Are you going to 'mysqldump' the databases back in each home dir?
Periodically? And keep the databases on the local disks?

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