dbus/hal in freebsd 7.2 hangs X11

William Bulley web at umich.edu
Fri Sep 25 12:52:10 UTC 2009

According to Giuseppe Pagnoni <gpagnoni at gmail.com> on Fri, 09/25/09 at 03:32:
> I am trying to use hal/dbus on a i386 machine with FreeBSD 7.2 (ports
> updated to the latest tree snapshot as of yesterday), but despite
> spending a full day looking up the handbook, faq, and google, I cannot
> make it work properly.  More specifically, when I  use either xfce4 or
> xmonad after having enabled dbus/hald in rc.conf:
> hald_enable="YES"
> dbus_enable="YES"
> both window managers become very unresponsive and hang as if hal was
> trying to access/mount something.  For example, the terminal may take
> *seconds* to display typed in characters and in xfce if you click on
> the desktop icons for home directory etc., they don't open up at all
> in the thunar file manager (they do though, if you right click on them
> and choose 'open').

I, too, have seen this same problem, but with OpenMotif (mwm) as my
window manager.  I have solved the problem by changing the lines:




in my /etc/rc.conf file.  This makes things in xorg-7.4_2 and open-motif-2.2.3_6
and 7.2-STABLE FreeBSD 7.2-STABLE #0: Tue Sep 15 14:33:54 EDT 2009 work for me.



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