Booting ZFS and GPT

krad kraduk at
Wed Sep 23 08:54:59 UTC 2009

2009/9/23 illoai at <illoai at>

> 2009/9/22 Anselm Strauss <amsibamsi at>:
> > My next question is: Is it actually the plan to use ZFS as official root
> > filesystem in FreeBSD, eventually replacing UFS? Is ZFS actually designed
> > for that use?
> zfs works fine as root on opensolaris, though it
> took them a while to get there.  Functionally, it
> should do as well on FreeBSD (and note that
> the "experimental" appellation was removed
> very recently, though it has been effectively
> "production ready" on 8.x for a while), though
> I'm certain that the rather large memory needs
> restrict its practical use to 64bit & multiple G
> of RAM: not your average netbook, by any
> means.
> I hope our developers see fit to make sysinstall
> zfs aware, but I hope we are not pushed (I know
> how to kick and my screams are deafening) into
> using it any time soon: ufs is wonderful for us
> ordinary computer users.
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I have a pure zfs system at home and i works wonderfully
its really nice to be able to do a make world, and roll back seamlessly if
there is an issue

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