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On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 08:32:04AM +0000, gs_stoller at wrote:
>              I have a copy of Greg Lehey's online "book" about FreeBSD,
>              but I believe it is from February 2006.  Is there a later
>              copy, and if so, where can I find a copy (URL please)?  I
>              searched my copy for the word "internet" and couldn't find
>              it.  I did access the internet with a take-off copy of
>              FreeBSD, but I don't have access to it any more.  Can I
>              access the internet with a currently gettable copy of
>              FreeBSD, and if so, for what versions is that true (my
>              personal version is old, but it works well so I never
>              upgraded)?  Since I get my mail via  juno , can I access
>              them nicely from FreeBSD or do I need something to
>              interface to it and present me with my mailbox, listing
>              the items in it and telling me the usual stuff about
>              envelop mail (sender, subject, when received)?

I think you might have left out some important information we could use
to better help you.

Are you talking about the ISP Juno?  (Do they still exist?)

Are you in the US?

Are you asking about how to connect to your ISP via a dial-up connection?
I think most of us are using DSL or cable broadband, so people may not be
making the same assumptions about what "connect to the Internet" as what
you expect.

What is a "take-off" copy of FreeBSD?  Do you perhaps mean a LiveCD -- a
CD on which a bootable install of FreeBSD exists, so you can boot into
FreeBSD on the CD, but then take out the CD and reboot into whatever OS
is installed on the computer's hard drive?

I'm making some wild guesses here, because I really don't know what
you're asking.  Please help us clarify your needs so we can help you
satisfy them.

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