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>             I have a copy of Greg Lehey's online "book" about FreeBSD, but I >believe it is from February 2006.  Is there a later copy, and if so, where >can I find a copy (URL please)?  I searched my copy for the word >"internet" and couldn't find it.  I did access the internet with a take-off >copy of FreeBSD, but I don't have access to it any more.  Can I access >the internet with a currently gettable copy of FreeBSD, and if so, for what >versions is that true (my personal version is old, but it works well so I >never upgraded)?  Since I get my mail via  juno , can I access them >nicely from FreeBSD or do I need something to interface to it and present >me with my mailbox, listing the items in it and telling me the usual stuff >about envelop mail (sender, subject, when received)?

It's a bit unclear what you're asking, but it sounds like you want
help regarding more recent versions of freeBSD and their capabilities.
Have you looked at and the documentation there?

I'm not sure what a book about freeBSD would have that the official
documentaioin wouldn't.

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