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Roland Smith rsmith at
Tue Sep 22 19:51:44 UTC 2009

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 03:35:44PM -0400, Carmel NY wrote:
> > Typically I would be doing this sitting behind one of those machines
> > with the X window system running and a local terminal and a terminal
> > running ssh to the other machine open.
> I have not experimented with that yet. If needed, would I be able to
> run a program that required a GUI on the remote machine, or would I
> need to install and load all the "X" programs also?

You can run a program on the remote machine and have it display on your local
machine. If you set the DISPLAY variable on the remote machine to point to
your local machine it should work, provided that you are not blocking the
ports used by X (6000-6063, IIRC). You can also use xon(1) to start an X
program on a remote machine. Keep in mind that not all X protocol extensions
are supported over the network, though. You will need the X11 libraries on the
remote machine, but not the server. If you are connecting via ssh, you can
also configure that to allow X11 forwarding, if you want to keep the
connection secure.

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