Microsoft "Dynamic DNS"

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Sun Sep 20 10:28:48 UTC 2009

On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 2:38 AM, Gary Gatten <Ggatten at> wrote:
> I'm pretty sure DDNS is an RFC, I'm sure FBSD supports it.  WINS is
> different altogether.

Yes, you are right. I learnt something new here :)
So, I believe this is what we are looking at:-

 send { [option declaration] [, ... option declaration] }
	     The send statement causes the client to send the specified
	     options to the server with the specified values.  These are full
	     option declarations as described in dhcp-options(5).  Options
	     that are always sent in the DHCP protocol should not be specified
	     here, except that the client can specify a dhcp-lease-time option
	     other than the default requested lease time, which is two hours.
	     The other obvious use for this statement is to send information
	     to the server that will allow it to differentiate between this
	     client and other clients or kinds of clients.

So it would be something like
send host-name "";

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