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Thu Sep 17 06:50:23 UTC 2009

On Thu, September 17, 2009 05:28, b. f. wrote:
> Patrick Gelsema wrote:
>>I need to change one file in an existing ISO image. It is a DVD image
>> btw.
>>Unfortunately I dont have many options of changing the fie before
>> creating
>>the image.
>>Mounting is not the issue, copying data neither but the ISO is also
>>bootable. There must be a simpler solution as in copying all the content
>>with cpio and making it bootable. OS on the DVD is WinPE btw.
>>Does anyone have some pointers for performing this action?
> Unfortunately, libarchive(3), which is used by tar(1) and cpio(1) on
> recent versions of FreeBSD, seems to have only read and extract
> support for ISO 9660 archives, and not write support (see
> libarchive-formats(5) or
> ).  So
> while you could use tar(1) or cpio(1) to extract the contents of the
> dvd without mounting it in order to make your change,  you would have
> to use some other tool to write the new .iso image, like mkisofs(8)
> from the sysutils/cdrtools-devel port.  (And if the original image has
> extensions that are not supported by librarchive(3), you could use
> something like readcd(1) from that same port instead of tar(1) or
> cpio(1) to read and extract it.)

If the linux suggestion fails I will try this one.

Unfortunately I can't do Make release as it is not Freebsd. It is a
Windows based boot cd.


> b.
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