Change one file in an ISO image

b. f. bf1783 at
Thu Sep 17 03:28:21 UTC 2009

Patrick Gelsema wrote:
>I need to change one file in an existing ISO image. It is a DVD image btw.
>Unfortunately I dont have many options of changing the fie before creating
>the image.
>Mounting is not the issue, copying data neither but the ISO is also
>bootable. There must be a simpler solution as in copying all the content
>with cpio and making it bootable. OS on the DVD is WinPE btw.
>Does anyone have some pointers for performing this action?

Unfortunately, libarchive(3), which is used by tar(1) and cpio(1) on
recent versions of FreeBSD, seems to have only read and extract
support for ISO 9660 archives, and not write support (see
libarchive-formats(5) or ).  So
while you could use tar(1) or cpio(1) to extract the contents of the
dvd without mounting it in order to make your change,  you would have
to use some other tool to write the new .iso image, like mkisofs(8)
from the sysutils/cdrtools-devel port.  (And if the original image has
extensions that are not supported by librarchive(3), you could use
something like readcd(1) from that same port instead of tar(1) or
cpio(1) to read and extract it.)


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