ftpd virtual www hosts

Peasoup info at peasoup.com
Mon Sep 14 16:24:14 UTC 2009


Im new to the list, hope I have the right one, but if not, please let  
me know. And forgive me if I don't speak clear unix.

I am trying to set up a webserver, with virtual hosting accounts.  
Naturally, I want to be able to give users the ability to upload files  
to their web directories.

Setting up basic ftp is not an issue for me. I can set up a user at / 
usr/home/<user>, and can upload via ftp just fine. Of course that  
directory is owned by user:user. I also get ftpchroot just fine.

Next I go to vipw to change the user's home dir to something in the  
www area, which is owned by www:www. This is where my problems start  
with being denied. I am assuming that uploading to the unprivileged  
user www is getting in my way.

I have tried to play with groups, ownership and permissions, etc, but  
I am not getting very far. I thought I'd see a boatload of information  
on Google about this. Any help is much appreciated, something that  
will give a user enough rights to upload his site, while at the same  
time keeping the webserver running as unprivileged as possible.

I am new to freebsd. I was using wu on solaris prior to this... will  
the freebsd ftpd do what I want?

Thank you


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