Support for Apple iBook keyboards

KKuzmenko kkuzmenko at
Sat Sep 12 04:30:23 UTC 2009

I need a replacement keyboard for my iBook (Processor 500MHz, PowerPC  
G3, 384 MB SDRAM, build 8S165, machine model PowerBook4,1, CPU  
PowerPC 750 (32.14), Bus Speed 67 MHz, USB Bus 3200, File System HFS+  
AND - DIMM0/BUILT-IN: size 128 MB.
Please advise mr of the following:
1) Do you carry it?
2) What is the price?
3) And most importantly- how easy/difficult is it to install? The  
only experience that I have with hardware installing a new HD on a  
Power Mac 7100.
Thank you in advance with your help/reply.
K Kuzmenko

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