DVD-R recording .iso SOLVED

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On Wed, 9 Sep 2009, Al Plant wrote:

 > Chris Hill wrote:
 >> On Wed, 9 Sep 2009, Al Plant wrote:
 >>> Aloha,
 >>> on FreeBSD 8 Current
 >>> I have installed growisofs. I want to burn a DVD R of 
/path/7.2-RELEASE-p1-i386-disc1.iso .
 >>> #growisofs -dvd-compat -Z 
/dev/cd0=/path/7.2-RELEASE-p1-i386-disc1.iso .
 >>> Got this from FreeBSD handbook. Get no such file or directory 
error. Whats wrong with the syntax?
 >> Caveats about anything I say: 1) I'm using 7.2, and b) I'm using +R 
 >> Nothing is wrong with the syntax, although your command above says 
the ISO file is in a directory called /path. Does the directory exist? 
Is the ISO in that directory? Permissions OK on everything? Does 
/dev/cd0 point to your burner? And as Adam said, make sure you have 
atapicam loaded.
 >> I'm also assuming that dot at the end of your line is a period at 
the end of your sentence, and not part of the command you issued.
 >>> Is this the correct way to copy an .iso onto a DVD-R for installs?
 >> It burns the ISO to the disk as a premastered disk, which is what 
you want in this situation. If you wanted to just copy the ISO as a 
file, you'd replace the = sign with a space.
 >>> Or can I just use burncd like somebody on the BSD forum said they did?
 >> I have no idea what somebody on the BSD forum said  :^)
 >> HTH. Hang loose.
 >> --
 >> Chris Hill               chris at monochrome.org
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 > Aloha,
 > The directory path is /usr/home/alp/FreeBSD_7 that is ok.
 > The = could be what is not proper in the Handbook.

*Actually the = is correct, and you do need it for what you're doing. I 
*just went through this over the weekend. The = looked wrong, so I tried 
*doing without. What I ended up with was a data DVD with an ISO file on 
*it - not what I wanted! I would guess the command you need is

  *growisofs -dvd-compat -Z 

*(Probably wrapped in the email, but it needs to be all one line.) It's 
*simplest if you do this as root, or via su or sudo, which I think 
*you've been doing.

 > I'll put apticam_load="YES" in the /boot/loader.conf /Thats not in 
the Handbook either.

*I noticed that omission too.

*Putting that line in /boot/loader.conf makes the module load on the 
*next boot, but doesn't load it right now. You can see if it's already 
*loaded by issuing a kldstat command. If you see atapicam.ko in 
*response, you're good. If not, do a

  *kldload atapicam.ko

*..as root or equivalent, to load the module immediately without a 
*reboot. Just for completeness, you may want to also

* ls /dev | grep ^cd

*..to make sure you have a cd0 device, after loading the module. It 
*might be some number other than 0, depending on your hardware, in which 
*case change the growisofs command accordingly.

 > Thanks for the help.

*It's one of the few questions around here that I know the answer to, so 
*I'm glad to! Makes me feel useful or something.

*Chris Hill               chris at monochrome.org
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Here's how it worked.

 From sysutils/dvd+rw-tools
I installed the DVD port

# growisofs

I used the following from all the suggestions and it worked with Manolis 
  DVD p1 7.2

1st> I put hw.ata.atapi_dma="1" in the /boot/loader.conf
2nd> put apticam_load="YES" in the /boot/loader.conf

(That 2nd 18.7.2 instruction is not clear in the Handbook section and 
should be added.)

Then> I ran # growisofs -dvd-compat -Z 
(all on one line)

Then> I was able to use  cd0 as a DVD burner and make the DVD-R

I tested the DVD on a spare box and it installed just fine.

I suggest that the authors of the section 18.7/2 add the sample command 
line for atapicam as they did for dma="1" to eliminate the confusion.

Thanks to all who helped

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