SVN + Apache

Daniel Molina Wegener dmw at
Fri Sep 11 16:54:33 UTC 2009

2009/9/11 Steve Bertrand <steve at>

> Hi all,
> The only relevance that this has to FBSD is that both Apache and
> subversion were installed via packages.
> I've been meaning to get around to enabling SVN so that I can access my
> repo via HTTPs. However, most of the docs I've found via Sir Google
> claim that it's likely that I'll have to recompile subversion ( and/or
> apache ) in order to make it work.
> Although I have very up-to-date clone-able backups and archives of this
> particular system, I really don't want to do anything that has the
> potential of clobbering my current working setup.
> Can those in the know provide any insight into:
> - how I can verify whether the necessary components are currently installed
> - how to identify whether said components were compiled with the
> appropriate args
> - a q&d howto consisting of a path of least resistance ( or a reference
> to a confirmed reliable existing howto )
> - any caveats and/or things to look for prior to trying to implement it
> I'm the only one who uses the repository ( at this time ), and currently
> I access it via SSH. Security isn't an overly major concern at this
> point, as I will just apply the web server to it's own IPv6 address and
> filter those who could potentially access it via IPFW :)

You need to install --- as basic packages --- Apache, subversion and
mod_davsvn to access subversion repositories from HTTPS.

> Cheers!
> Steve

Best Regards,

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