DVD-R not recording .iso

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Thu Sep 10 08:42:07 UTC 2009

On Wed, 9 Sep 2009 22:33:27 -0400 (EDT), Chris Hill <chris at monochrome.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Sep 2009, Al Plant wrote:
> > Aloha,
> >
> > on FreeBSD 8 Current
> >
> > I have installed growisofs. I want to burn a DVD R of 
> > /path/7.2-RELEASE-p1-i386-disc1.iso .
> >
> > #growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/cd0=/path/7.2-RELEASE-p1-i386-disc1.iso .
> >
> > Got this from FreeBSD handbook. Get no such file or directory error. Whats 
> > wrong with the syntax?
> Nothing is wrong with the syntax, although your command above says the ISO 
> file is in a directory called /path. Does the directory exist? Is the ISO 
> in that directory? Permissions OK on everything? Does /dev/cd0 point to 
> your burner? And as Adam said, make sure you have atapicam loaded.

The nampage of growisofs lists /dev/dvd in its EXAMPLES section.
That's why I'm using

	link    cd0     dvd

in /etc/devfs.conf, so you can easily use the examples for your
own command purposes. Note that for accessing the ATAPICAM facility,
it may be neccessary to have at least +w for group (operator) for
the /dev/cd and the /dev/pass device the DVD writer is refered by.
Use the camcontrol command to check:

	% camcontrol devlist
	<HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H58N 1.01>   at scbus2 target 0 lun 0 (cd0,pass1)

	% ll /dev/cd0 /dev/pass1
	crw-rw-r--  1 root  operator    0, 116 Sep 10 10:10 /dev/cd0
	crw-rw----  1 root  operator    0, 115 Sep 10 10:10 /dev/pass1

	% ll /dev/dvd
	lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel            3 Sep 10 10:10 /dev/dvd@ -> cd0

> > Is this the correct way to copy an .iso onto a DVD-R for installs?
> It burns the ISO to the disk as a premastered disk, which is what you want 
> in this situation. If you wanted to just copy the ISO as a file, you'd 
> replace the = sign with a space.

In the last case you mentioned, growisofs would create an ISO-9660
file systen on the DVD which then contains one .iso file. That's
possible, but won't create the result the OP wanted, I think.

> > Or can I just use burncd like somebody on the BSD forum said they did?
> I have no idea what somebody on the BSD forum said  :^)

The burncd command usually refers to burning CDs, not DVDs, allthough
it may be possible that it can be used for DVDs, too. But I'm not
familiar with it anymore, because I use growisofs for DVDs and
cdrecord / cdrdao for CDs; both of them use the ATAPICAM facility.

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