7.2-RELEASE/amd64 - weird stuff in dmesg

Alex R alex at mailinglist.ahhyes.net
Thu Sep 10 03:03:49 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether anyone could shed some light on the following 
messages I am seeing in dmesg:


<<33>>aarrpp::  uunnkknnoowwnn  hhaarrddwwaarree  aaddddress format (0x0000)
ress format (0x0000)
arp: unakrnpo:w nu nhkanrodwwna rhea raddwdarrees sa dfdorremsast  
f(o0rxm0a0t0 0()0
a<rp:3 u>anrkpn:o wunn khnaorwdnw ahraer dawdadrree sasd dfroersmsa tf 
o(r0mxat0 0(00x000)0
arp: unknown hardware address format (0xarp:0 7u0n0k)n
wn hardware address format (0x0700)
aarrpp::  uunnkknnoowwnn  hhaarrddwwaarree  aaddddrreessss  
ffoorrmmaatt  ((00xx00770000))


Any ideas whats with the jumbled/double letters? Is there something 
wrong with the machine or is it a bug in the OS? I have seen similar 
symptoms on SMP enabled boxes when shutting down if 2 processes call 
kprintf() or printf() at the same time, it results in garbled output.

Should i turn a blind eye to this?

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