Opera 10.00 (native) & flash

Freminlins freminlins at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 18:50:49 UTC 2009

2009/9/7 Jerry <gesbbb at yahoo.com>

> I don't think that readily addresses the OP's question. I personally
> have never gotten 'flash', or most other add-ons to work Opera. It is
> one of the main reasons that I discourage others from using it. It
> suffers even worse on a Windows machine. RoboForm does not work with
> the Opera browser. Opera has a closed architecture that does not allow
>  third party browser extensions

Sorry, but that is just bollocks.

Opera and Flash work perfectly well on Windows and Solaris (yep, there's a
native plugin). And Flash is a third party plugin, i.e. it is not provided
by Opera. If Adobe doesn't provide a native Flash plugin for FreeBSD that is
not Opera's fault.

>  I would strongly advocate the use of another browser.

And still there is no native FreeBSD plugin. If you can't get it to work you
should ask for some help.

> gesbbb at yahoo.com


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