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> I recently purchased an Asus Aspire One D250-1151, and
> am,overall, 
> pleased with it (running 7,2-RELEASE).
> The alc ethernet is not supported in 7.2 (the ath0 wireless
> is), and I 
> don't care about the video camera.
> The '5-in-1' media reader is, unfortunately for me, a USB
> device. (After 
> some detective work, I determined that
> it uses a Reaktek RTS5101 or RTS5111). For my purposes (low
> level SDHC 
> card access), I prefer hardware that is
> supported by the sdhci/mmc subsystem.

My initial assumption was that you are familiar with the specific type of device you are asking about. Then, I remembered I was tempted by the SD form-factor as well.

I think you are asking for trouble because SD cards support "Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM)." One of the "features" is "'key revocation' technology built into each card."

I also read that speed is hampered by the interface design because they wanted something they could patent, rather than just re-implementing SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface).

The SD card Association has a what would have been a promising floppy replacement without those two deliberate design flaws.

If you are aware of that and sill want a SDHC reader, I don't have any reason to stop you :)


James Phillips

> So my question is: does anybody know _for sure_ of a
> hard-disk netbook 
> with a media reader that uses the sdhci interface
> and is supported by FBSD 7.2 (supported = wireless,X,USB).


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