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On Tue, 27 Oct 2009 22:11, aryeh.friedman@ wrote:
> I am about to go out and buy windows 7 to replace my vista partition... when 
> I installed vista I had to  do some  boot manager tricks (both before and 
> after install)... namely I had to allow windows to nuke my mbr then use 
> EasyBCD to remake it in such a way that vista would still find it's "magic" 
> bytes in the mbr... does anyone know if win 7 has any similar issues and/or 
> any other weirdness in reguards to dual booting?
> Completely side question I use sysutils/fusefs-ntfs to mount my vista 
> partition do I need to change anything in my /etc/rc.d/* hierachy and/or 
> /etc/fstab  after installing win 7 (I use a direct call to ntfs-3g instead of 
> via the mount patch [which doesn't work on 8.0-XXX it seems {I am on RC2 
> right now}]?
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     You could attempt some trickery with grub if you have the option of 
using it and if you are installing Win/7 to its own drive. Here is the 

Install FreeBSD on your first drive ;) the way it should be...

Install GRUB from ports or packages whatever you prefer.

Edit your menu.lst file to contain something like:
title  WINDO~7 ;)
map (hd0) (hd1)
map (hd1) (hd0)
rootnoverify (hd1,0) (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

Now reboot into your bios and turn off your FreeBSD drive and your 
secondary drive should remain and to Windows 7 as long as it is staying 
along the same lines as Windows XP will just accept your secondary as your 
primary drive C: and just install its MBR to that drive.

After your done reboot into your BIOS turn your FreeBSD drive back on.

Tada! you now have a bootable system where grub swaps your drives around 
for you and confuses Windows 7 into thinking its the primary C: drive and 
you can upgrade without touching the first disks MBR.

I have this setup running on the machine I am writing this email from and 
for fail-over sake if my FreeBSD disk takes a hike windows will pick right 
back up without even noticing the first disk being gone. I have also 
disabled my FreeBSD disk in windows devices just to be sure that nothing 
happens to it as a cause of windows.

Anyway... Hope this gives you just another option to consider.

Best of luck.


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