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>That's not FreeBSD's fault. If "professional web designers"
>need to "optimize" their content in order to prevent you from
>properly accessing it, it's their fault. I would complain to
>them, or just ignore them. Content that its creator doesn't
>want me to see is not worth seeing.

You don't really believe that do you. Web creators attempt to make their
sites accessible to the largest possible audience. It is probably cost
prohibited, if even reasonably possible to make a site 100% viewable in
every browsers (don't forget lynxs) available. Any intelligent business
plan would dictate that they therefore concentrate on the largest
possible audience.

This problem, like the nVidea 64 bit drivers, rests with FreeBSD. You
simply cannot expect any software developer to develop and maintain a
product for what is in reality a niche OS.

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