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Wed Oct 28 21:25:56 UTC 2009

On Wed, 28 Oct 2009 15:45:24 -0400, PJ <af.gourmet at videotron.ca> wrote:
> Yeah, but stupid errors are not.

Nobody can make all the errors.

> anyway I goofed somewhere. but what is strange is that
> the only obvious problem I have is this flashplugin - no matter what I
> do, I cannot get it to work.

But obviously, as others are running it, it's possible.

> I do recall that at some point there was an update for flash or firefox
> and I think I allowed Firefox to update it... so the problem just may be
> with Firefox itself. 

That may be possible.

> And I just don't feel like going through a
> reinstallation of Firefox again... that is probably the most lengthy and
> tortuous installation of anything except for OpenOffice.org (I only use
> the binaries for that) and my cpus are 2.4 or 3Ghz.

That's the reason that I really prefer precompiled packages.
If you think that you system is all messed up, delete /usr/local
and start installing from packages. Pay attention to run the
files needed from /etc/mtree to restore the hierarchy for
the /usr/local subtree.

> Anyway, I've given
> up on flash...

I did so from its beginning. :-)

> I don't go to youtube or the like so I don't really miss
> it...

There's youtube-dl. :-)

> it's just annoying that I can't access some sites properly when
> using FreeBSD.

That's not FreeBSD's fault. If "professional web designers"
need to "optimize" their content in order to prevent you from
properly accessing it, it's their fault. I would complain to
them, or just ignore them. Content that its creator doesn't
want me to see is not worth seeing.

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